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Welcome To Gilpin

Gilpin Elementary School strives to promote an awareness of self and others and an appreciation of individual differences within a supportive, purposeful environment. Opportunities are provided through varied learning experiences for students to develop a love for learning and to be independent thinkers. We believe in nurturing a positive attitude in students which will further their intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.

bell-37464_640Bell Schedule

8:53 Warning Bell

8:58 Start time bell

10:30 Recess Bell (students go outside)

10:45 Recess Bell (students come inside)

12:05 No Bell (students begin eating)

12:20 Lunch Bell (first warning to exit)

12:30 Lunch Bell (second warning to exit)

12:55 Lunch Bell (warning to enter)

1:00 Start time bell

3:01 No Bell (end time)

School Fees Payable On-Line

We now offer the opportunity for you to pay your child(ren)’s school fees online. During the course of the year you will be able to pay for field trips, performances, and extra curricular activities

Step 1: Visit School Cash Online

Step 2: Register by selecting “Get Started Today” and follow the steps.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email. Select the “click here” option, sign in and add your child(ren) to your household account.

For detailed step by step instructions  for School Cash Online Set up please click below.

My Wallet and Payment Information



Gilpin Elementary has a 96% adoption of Schoolcash.

96% of our students are registered with SchoolCash Online.

Please go to to register.  Make sure the check the box that asks if you want to receive the email notifications.  You will then receive notifications each time  a school fee is available to pay for your child(ren).

 Please see the school website for detailed information on how to sign up , and also on how to load MyWallet.