Gilpin PAC

meeting minutes

Date                                                Location                                        Called to order

04.06.2013                                        staff room                                7:04 pm.

Chair                                                Secretary                                Adjourned

Ann Johannes                                        Rysia Wand                                9:12


Sean Gaster, Holly McCallum, Donna Yamazaki, Carlos and Liz Dias, Shella Louie, Joanne Heslop, Ed Sit, Harnek Bhatti, Barb Henderson, Sigrid Tarampi, Wendy Seet, Heelah Woo, Sherrie Etches



Action item



moved Harnek

seconded Sherrie


Approval of agenda

Added items:

- Dance project

- Gilpin Gala committee



moved Joanne

seconded Sigrid


Approval of minutes from March 26th 2013


Principal's report


The principal shared staff's plans and vision for the next year. School planning council will formulate the plan based on received input. Official plan will be published in the end of June and will comprise a 3 tiers.

Tier 1 – students who don't need intervention,

Tier 2 – student’s who need small group pull-out,

Tier 3 – students with special needs, like reading recovery.  

We'll have 9 divisions. 2x 6/7, 2x 4/5, 2x 2/3, grade 1, K and K/1. The rationale and method behind grade splits was discussed.

Gilpin students currently attending Douglas daycare will be moved to Gilpin.

Goals for the next school year were presented and discussed. For details refer to the  interview with Daniel Goleman about Social-Emotional learning at

School Social Climate Study will be run in our school Dr. Shelley Hymel (UBC) to indicate areas for intervention.

New school planner will incorporate the 7 habits principle.

Roots of Empathy program will be introduced next year.


DPAC report


Refer to for details. Discussed topics:

- Positive intervention and support program

- MDI (Middle Years Development Instrument). This survey was administered by UBC to grade 4 students at Gilpin and other Burnaby schools earlier this year.  Survey results can be found at:


Treasurer's report


Sigrid talked about raising funds for Grade 7 budget.

Total income: $3,058.10,

Total expenses: $2,500.

Financial results for PAC accounts were handed out. We still have expenses to incur this month, but we are within budget. Some of the teachers' wishlist items were not purchased.


As of May 31st, the ending balance for general account is $15,801.42;

Ending balance for gaming account:



Burnaby Parks


Cascade Heights has a program “Friday night drop-in”. More details will be provided.




New pieces of equipment will be added, including a wheelchair accessible merry-go-round. We got a proposal from Habitat, a Burnaby based company. Gravel will be replaced with soft fall surfacing. A path will be installed from the library doors to the playground. The actual playground area will be extended by 10-12 feet on the West side. We will be looking at corporate funding to get money for the playground. We need to raise approximately $50,000 which also will include additional benches for parents. Any parents with connections to corporations that donate money are encouraged to contact Ann.

Look for corporate funding

Playground committee

Parents' Night Out


The event was a success. We raised money for the playground.


Odyssey of the mind


This is an after school activity: Creative problem solving – postponed till next year.


Gilpin clothing


Sales are slow but will be continued.


Plant sale


The income was about $1,500 (owing partially to the tax rebate). Almost all inventory was sold.


Staff appreciation lunch


This year parents were asked for direct donations and the food was catered by a restaurant. This proved very successful and easier to coordinate.


Cookies and Pie sale


These were ordered from Pita Bread Factory. They get good reviews but sales were down.




It was proposed to try another dance program this year to have a comparison with hip-hop. We'll book it for the next year, providing the price is reasonable.

Book it by the end of the month


Gilpin Gala


Gala date: 13.09.2013 (2nd Friday of September). Last year we had over 300 people. Ed and Sandra will run the silent auction but we need many more people in the committee.

Contact Ann to help with Gala


Hot lunch recap


Simone's willing to continue pizza lunches but we need someone to take over Subway and sushi lunches. The process is as follows:

- give out paper forms

- collect forms

- sort the forms

- count the money

- enter orders by division and first

name into spreadsheet

- email the supplier

- be at school at noon on the day of

- distribute the boxes.

Take over Subway


Sport's day


Friday June 21st . Bike parade.

Run concession stand


PAC elections


The following people were voted in for next year’s PAC executive:

Chair - Ann Johannes

moved (Rysia), seconded (Holly), carried

Treasurer - Ed Sit

moved (Wendy), seconded (Holly), carried

Secretary - Rysia Wand

moved (Ann), seconded (Holly), carried

Next meeting

17.09.2013, Tuesday, 7 pm


Meeting adjourned